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Mission - Management Consulting Services


“Working with enthusiasm and passion to transfer professional skills at the service
of companies and firms”

Covering roles of different professional profiles, iKEN aims to national and international companies which not compete among themselves, as a business management consultant, providing experiences, relationships and introduction sectors with the aim to help the development of sales activities making more profitable business.


  • Tollis Antonio, born in 1987, graduated in Tourism Economics Science, with previous
    significant experience internal to Trade Companies, who join in office support to
  • Tollis Maurizio, born in 1961, former Commercial Director , “herd(gregarious) managers
    and successful entrepreneurs”. (see curriculum vitae)

Professional with extensive experience in business organizations of different sizes and
nationalities modern organized in the sector’s Gardening, Hardware, Tools and DIY. Expert in Management of Human Resources dedicated to Sales and Sales Management and Marketing.
Managerial skills, great energy, demonstrated ability to pursue the objectives assigned with persistence and vision. Leaders able of engaging and involve enthusiastically key resources to the processes of change required and which have as their objective the development of projects growth in sales and profitability.


“Before a battle is necessary to know the enemy, but also the territory of combat”

Distribution channels and Main areas of interest:
Mainly in the worlds Hardware-Tools-Garden-DIY-Brico

Experiences, Relationships and Introductions acquired in the detailed product sectors such as:
Hand tools, general hardware, systems and products for the lodging, care and lawn maintenance, machinery and equipment for gardening, cars equipment cleaning and steam cleaning products and synthetic glass.
Services and activities to be performed in terms of the development of New Projects (or existing) and the achievement of Company.
"Commitment, proactivity and expertise to provide additional expertise to serve the company"

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