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To envelope new projects or helping to reach defined strategy goals;
“Engagement, pro activity e competence to give professional skills to the companies”

Activity A)
Towards the KEY ACCOUNTS
Main objective: Acquire a New Supply Contract and / or preservation.

  • To acquire and manage contracts KEY ACCOUNTS supply of new or existing distribution
  • GDO National, better declined in GDA (Hyper rep. Non Food) - GDS (Specialized DIY) - DO (Wholesalers).
  • Conducting all activities relational approach first and later to acquire new sales agreements.
  • Finding new potential customers through the segmentation of related products for the
    intended use and therefore suitable distribution channel.
  • Search contacts and appointments.
  • presentation of the product catalog or targeted selection of items in order to define a Listing of start-ups.
  • Support, assistance and business advice in the preparation of commercial offers and signing the contract.

Activity A1)

    • Maintenance and care management after the first delivery only and always relational: proactivity in the continued development with in-store promotional commercial transactions with or without the use of flyers.
    • Support and Service existing sales network in terms of communication of promotional activities in progress.

Duration and mode of the contract for the service which activity A
The parties agree to conclude only the first supply / e (see activities A) within the time limits agreed: minimum 6 maximum 12 months (see chap. Compensation).

The parties agree to conclude only the first supply / e (see activities A) within the time limits agreed: minimum 6 maximum 12 months (see chap. Compensation). When the first supply will be carried out, the mission will be considered definitively conclude because the objective has been reached without the Company other than the client can claim maintenance (B) until the end of the contract period. For example: if the contract had a duration of 12 months and the goal was reached in only four months the agreement would be considered to be concluded for the service of which the point A activities), but would continue automatically to maturity 12 months of the service referred to in Activity A1).


if at the end of the period of validity of the agreement between the Company and iKEN the first delivery ( goal) had not taken place the contract decade. However, it remains of course the agreement that if an initial supply ripen within 6 months after the end of the contract you will be required by the company entrusting the payment of compensation "bonus closure" (see chapter costs).

service activities which A1
It will be later (after first supply) can continue the relationship with the existing client only with a new contract (see below for service activities A1)

The parties agree to a contract of at least 6 months (see chap. Compensation).

Activity B)
To the Sales Offices

Main objective: support and management consulting to the Directorate:

  • Activities of MKT, advertising plan and / or implementation catalog and promotional activities etc
  • Sales Business Development through promotions, incentives, analysis of the potential and development of new channels (segmentation of customer / product / channel)
  • Activities of Customer Service / Care / BackOffice.
  • Organizations of Exhibitions, meetings, events, market research etc..

Activity C)
To the Outside Sales Force

Main objective: support, training and management consulting function as Sales Area Manager (Regional - National) for developing sales with increase in profitability and professionalism.

  • Constitution new sales force network and / or extension agents (multi and mono cards) and / or direct expansion: selection and training engagements
  • Coaching for commercial support, motivation and training to the Sales Force network (agents) to increase sales. Increase in operating profitability.
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