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“ madness doing always the same thing and expecting different results ”
“If I can't give my professional experience as a dipendent worker I can, maybe with the same passion and new motivations, take control of new working opportunities trying to propose my self in a better and more effective role”

Maurizio Tollis
Tollis Maurizio

We can't prentend that things may change, if we do always the same things.
Crisis are great opportunities for people and nations, because crisis are followed by progresses.
Creativity born from anxiety, as the day rise after the darkest night.
Inventiveness, discovers and great strategy will born.

People who can overcome crisis can get over themselves, without being overcome by others.
People who give up to crisis kill their own talents and give more importance to problems instead solutions.

The incompetence crisis are the real crisis.
People and nations are often indolent to find new solutions and escapes.
There's no challenges without crisis, and without challenges life will be only a routine, a long agony.
There's no satisfaction without getting over crisis.
Our better skills born in crisis, because without crisis there's no wind blowing beyond us, helping us to reach our goals.

Talk about crisis can only give more importance to them.
We should work harder, instead.
Let's stop talking about crisis as an enemy: it's the tragedy for whom who don't try to get over that”

Albert Einstein
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